CBD Oil Cinnamon

CBD Oil Cinnamon


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Try Tranquil Cinnamon CBD Oil

These CBD Oil Cinnamon  drops contain the warmth and light sweetness sweetness of trytranquil.net cinnamon oil. These warm cinnamon ingredient provides a tasty sweet way to ingest CBD oil.

Cinnamon CBD Description

The 5th product to enter into our inventory of CBD tinctures, (After Strawberry) has quickly grown to be one of our best selling CBD tinctures. It has continued to be a favorite from day one, since coming from a early batch of our state of the art CBD farm.

These CBD drops have three primary ingredients: CBD hemp, cinnamon oil, and MCT oil (Which comes from coconut oil)

CBD Oil Cinnamon
CBD Oil Cinnamon

How to apply the CBD Cinnamon Oil drops.

Hold the drops under your tongue for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. This is most effective, because it promotes the absorption of CBD oil cinnamon into your bloodstream.

Our Cinnamon Tinctures Are Sweet And Spicy

Trytranquil.net takes great care in finding the best cinnamon oil on the market for our CBD products. Most of the time we have to search the planet in order to find the perfect formula. Cinnamon oil is a natural flavor, which can sometimes result in different variations in taste and flavor. Some of the batches of cinnamon can taste spicier and some slightly sweeter.

We take a lot of care in sourcing the right cinnamon oil. Many times, we’ve had to search the globe to find the right one (it’s in high demand these days). Cinnamon oil is a natural flavoring, which can result in slight variations in taste. Some batches taste slightly sweeter; others are spicier.

A lot of CBD users enjoy the natural flavors of spice, while others find it can be difficult when it goes down their throat.

While most people enjoy the natural spiciness, some find it can be difficult on their throats. Drinking a small sip of water before you ingest the CBD tincture can help with irritation.


Trytranquil.net test each and every batch of our different CBD oil products at a third-party independent lab to make sure that the quality and safety of our products are matched to none.

The testing process begins with our soul to make sure our hemp plants are glyphosate and nutrient-rich-free. From that point, we test at every step in the process, sometimes up to 16 times, with our independent labs.

Our testing begins with our soil, to ensure our plants are nutrient-rich and glyphosate-free. From there, we test at every step (up to 16 times), with independent labs.

Some of the things we check for in our third-party testing process. Purity and potency. We are making sure the amount of CBD that we print on our labels is accurate. We are also ensuring that our CBD Oil Products are free from impurities and contaminants. We then post our lab results on our website so that users can find them easily.



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